Student Life

Student life is an important aspect of college education as it can offer a unique opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. Campus life at Cyprus College focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth and nurturing of students. One of the many responsibilities we have towards our students is that of creating an interesting and supportive environment that meets the wide range of interests and talents of Cyprus College students.

Working in partnership with the student community, the Office of Student Affairs fosters an affirming and enriching campus environment.

We challenge and support students in order to facilitate the development of their intellectual, emotional, recreational and career growth.

The multiple Career tools, the active college life, the modern comfortable housing facilities, promote student welfare and satisfaction.

We have created a world of opportunities and we invite all students to be "Part of Our World"

The Office of Student Affairs coordinates student services and orchestrates campus life and activities. The Office supports and challenges students to bring out the very best in them. Students are encouraged to develop, explore and express themselves as individuals and as ...
Your College years can be the best years of your life, filled with friends, fun and unforgettable memories. The way to make the most of these years is to become a living part of College life. Get involved, there's something for every interest!   Clubs and ...
The photo gallery below is filled with nostalgic pictures from Cyprus Colleges’s leisure activities, educational trips and seminars. A section with pictures from life at Cyprus College housing units is also included. Enjoy!
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