High School Scholarships

High School Scholarships

The scholarships are valid for students that graduate from Cypriot Schools. The college offers a number of scholarships to students graduating from Cypriot High Schools or Technical Schools.

More specifically,

  • In each school are offered 2 scholarships worth 25% over Tuition for the following programs: Office Administration, Aesthetics, Business Administration, School Assistant for Special Education & Care, Computer Technology and Music Technology
  • In each Technical School are offered 2 scholarships worth 25% over Tuition in the Computer Technology program.

The scholarships are valid through the student’s years of study and candidates should have High School Diploma / Technical School with an overall grade of 15/20 or more. Interested students can get more information from the Office of Counseling and Career Education at their High School / Technical School or the Office of Admissions of the college.

For more information please contact us at:
Nicosia Campus: 00357-22-713000
Limassol Campus: 00357-25-867300
Ε-mail: admit@cycollege.ac.cy