Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

Congratulations! The day you have been working so hard for, is finally here! Given the situation which has been created due to the pandemic and keeping as a priority your own safety and health, Cyprus College will organize this year a Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation Day





Cyprus College Limassol

06.00 pm

Cyprus College Nicosia

06.00 pm


Procedure to attend the Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020


  1. Please click here to register for attending the virtual graduation ceremony.


  1. Before you submit your application, you must upload a photo based on the specifications provided on the Application. Please use your student email account to upload your photograph.



The Deadline to submit the Graduation Application is 26 June 2020.

Applications past this date will NOT be accepted.



In the event that you are unable to complete the Graduation Ceremony Application alone, please contact Mr. Andreas Pettemerides at the Office of Student Affairs   or at 22713279



Graduation Speech

The Graduation Speech is delivered by the graduating student with the highest G.P.A., provided the student graduates in May (Spring Semester) of the respective Academic Year.


Procedure for Degree issuance

For the issuance of your degree, you must to submit the Application. Students, who do not apply, will not be issued a Degree. For more information please contact to the Registrars or by phone to 25867321