Grading System

Grading System

At the end of each semester and summer session, final grades are mailed to all students at their permanent or mailing addresses and are recorded on their permanent academic record in the Registrar’s Office. The grading system used by Cyprus College is as follows:

The grade I is awarded to a student who has maintained satisfactory performance in a course but was unable to complete a major portion of course work (e.g. term paper or final exam) and the reasons given are acceptable to the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to bring pertinent information to the instructor to justify the reasons for the missing work and to reach an agreement on the means by which the remaining course requirements will be satisfied. A student is responsible, after consulting with the instructor, for fulfilling the remaining course requirements within the first four weeks of the following semester for which an ‘I’ was awarded. The instructor may extend the existing incomplete grade to the next semester.  Failure of the student to complete work within this specific time-limit will result in an F which will be recorded as the final grade.

The grade W indicates withdrawal from the course before the specified time as explained in the withdrawal policy.

Grades of P will not be computed into a student’s cumulative grade point average but will count towards graduation credits.

Grades of F will be computed into the student’s cumulative grade point average.


Students enrolling for an Audit must designate their intent to enrol on an Audit basis at the time of registration. Students registering for a course on an Audit basis receive no credit.


Grades for courses taken at another College do not enter into the computation of the cumulative grade point average.

Letter Grade Grade Meaning Grade Points Percentage Grade
A Excellent 4.0 90 and above
B+ Very Good 3.5 85-89
B Good 3.0 80-84
C+ Above Average 2.5 75-79
C Average 2.0 70-74
D+ Below Average 1.5 65-69
D Poor 1.0 60-64
F Failure 0 -
I Incomplete 0 -
W Withdrawal 0 -
P Pass 0 -