Institution Academic Advisor

Institution Academic Advisor

The main objective of academic advising is to assist students in wisely selecting and pursuing their academic studies. There are also additional benefits, such as an improved efficiency in the registration process, better use of Department and College resources, and increased awareness of undergraduate and post-baccalaureate options. The overall academic advising process involves sharing of information and ideas, and assessment of the student's academic abilities and objectives. For these reasons academic advising is viewed as an interactive process between the student and the advisor.


The advisor's responsibility is to assist the student in defining and developing realistic educational goals that are consonant with his/her academic abilities, skills, interests and needs. Academic advisors are full-time faculty members of departments that offer academic advising. The Head of each department is responsible to assign students to advisors. The basic criterion used for the selection of the proper advisor is the student's chosen field of study. The objective of this arrangement is to provide students with an advisor who has the proper knowledge to assist them with their academic and career objectives. Through this arrangement, a student will have the same advisor throughout his/her studies at the College.


After the advisor receives the list with the names of the students, he/she updates their files. More specifically, the advisor completes a form with the student's personal data and a special form that shows the student's field of study, the degree requirements, all the courses taken by the student, grades received for each course, and other relevant information. The advisors have access to the students' academic record for advising purposes only.


The Department Head informs all students of their assigned advisor and suggests to arrange a meeting the soonest possible. During the first meeting the student and the advisor get to break the ice. The student has the chance to talk about his/her career objective, skills, abilities, and find out his/her options. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor at any time during the academic year, and discuss possible problems they might have and need advice. Students, however, are required to meet with their advisor before the registration period in order to select new courses for the upcoming semester. The meeting can take place during the advisor's normal office hours or by appointment.


Prior to registration, student and advisor discuss the possible options and finally decide on the courses that the student must register during the upcoming semester. The 'Registration Form' indicating the recommended courses for registration is then completed and signed by both of them. No student can register for any course unless the form is signed by the advisor. The registration form can then be presented by the student to the Registrar's Office during the registration procedure.